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About Dolap App

Are you ready to meet Dolap, the favorite application of millions?

A new era begins for Women, Baby & Kids, Home & Life and Men categories with Wardrobe, which is the favorite of millions. It is very easy to buy and sell new, second-hand, brand new and owner products at Dolap!

Dress, sneakers, boots, bags, hats that were once the star pieces of your wardrobe no longer fit your style? The clothes you carefully dress your child with have become smaller, their interest in toys and books has decreased, do you want to make room for new ones? Well, what about the items that don't fit in the kitchen cabinets or the decorative pieces you want to change in the living room? Moreover, what if we told you that you can easily sell all men's fashion products without being limited to these?

Sell ​​your unused items at Dolap, the reliable address for second-hand shopping, and turn them into money, enjoy the pleasure of selling, and let the buyers experience the happiness of finding the cheapest product they are looking for!

What Is This Wardrobe?

1. Get the most beautiful pieces without spending any money!

Easily load your unused items, clothes, clothes, second-hand items into the Wardrobe, Sell, Earn and turn them into cash instantly!

Load up on tight or loose clothes, sneakers and trousers you've never worn, bags you haven't used for years, glasses, shoes, watches, jewelry, perfumes, suits, clothes, toys, books, new or second-hand ones, and let your closet be discovered. .

Have a little one at home and is it growing too fast? Upload the shrinking ones, the clothes you can't wear, the toys you lost interest in, to the Wardrobe, and enjoy buying new pretty ones without spending any money! Sell ​​unused second-hand, new, walker, baby carrier, car seat and other second-hand products in Dolap, contribute to the home economy!

Do you have unused or second-hand items that you can't fit in your wardrobe? You couldn't bear to throw it away, but now you're ready to say goodbye! Upload to Dolap and start selling now! Cabinet came to the rescue once again for affordable products according to your taste: It is very easy to find the product you are looking for in the Women, Men and Home & Life categories at the most suitable and cheap price!

The clothes, shoes, perfumes, suits, bags, glasses, watches, trousers, toys, and books you once loved have been waiting to be used in a corner of the closet for months. Upload what you don't wear to Dolap, the reliable address for second-hand shopping, sell it and turn it into money - enjoy your winning!

2. Fashion from hand to hand!

Follow your favorite cabinets, be informed about shoes, bags, jewelry, perfumes, dresses, boots, trousers, t-shirts, books and toys. Burberry, Prada, Gucci, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Michael Kors, Vakko, Guess, New Balance, Gap, Levis, İpekyol, Judge, Twist, Beymen Club, Zara, Bershka, Nine West, Lacoste, Boyner, Nike, Discover the latest fashion products such as evening dresses, shoes, bags from Mango, Koton, LCW women's, Trendyol, Converse, Defacto, Hepsiburada and many other brands in the Wardrobe!

Hundreds of brands for babies and children are also in the closet! Discover baby / kids fashion with Joker, Mothercare, Disney, Barbie, Fisher Price, Mango Kids, Nike, Trendyol, Adidas, Poncho, Carter, Chicco, Dagi, Mango, Bebetto, Benetton, Bestkids and many brands!

Danla Biliç, Duygu Özaslan, Çağla Şıkel, Zuhal Topal, İrem Akdemir, Burcu Esmersoy, Rachel Araz and all the celebrities you follow are on the Dolap!

3. Everything is safe!

You are also safe in luxury shopping! Find the luxury brand product you like, let expert hands check its originality. Find shoes, bags, glasses, watches, jewelry and outfits that fit your style at Dolap, the heart of reliable second-hand fashion.

Download Wardrobe for a first-class experience in secondhand shopping, Burberry, Prada, Gucci, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, Guess, New Balance, TopShop, Trendyol, Levis, İpekyol, Judge, Twist, Beymen Club, Bershka, Nine Have the cheapest brands such as West, Lacoste, Boyner, İpekyol, Twist, Nike, HM, Mango, Koton, LCW, Derimod, Trenyol, Defacto, Karaca, Emsan, Taç and more!

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