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24.04.01 Jun 08, 2024
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New in Somoy News 24.04.01

Version 24.04.01: Enhanced live streaming support, optimized for reduced file size and improved battery efficiency. Reduced ad frequency for a smoother experience. Fixed various bugs.

About Somoy TV App

Welcome to SomoyTV, the ultimate destination for Bangladeshi news, presented in a vibrant and dynamic format!

🌐📱Our app offers a seamless and immersive news experience, connecting you to the heart of Bangladesh and global happenings in real-time. Packed with an array of features, SomoyTV ensures that you stay informed and engaged.

🇧🇩 Bilingual News: Experience the power of choice with our bilingual feature. Access and explore news in both Bangla and English, catering to your language preference without the need to switch between sources.
📰 Latest News: We provide up-to-the-minute news updates to keep you well -informed about national and global events. Explore a wide array of categories including politics, lifestyle, and health, offering a holistic news perspective.

📺 Live TV: Tune in to live broadcasts of SomoyTV, ensuring that you stay connected to real-time news updates and current events. Experience news as it unfolds, bringing the world closer to you.

🎥 Video News: Enhance your news experience with our extensive video news section. Offering a visual treat, our videos cover a broad spectrum of topics, delivering impactful stories and vivid details.

🏆 Sports Scores: Sports enthusiasts can rejoice in a dedicated section that brings live scores, latest updates, and in-depth analyses of various sports events, keeping the excitement alive.

🗳️ Bangladesh Politics: Navigate through the realms of Bangladeshi politics with detailed insights and updates. Stay on top of political discourses, policies, and decision-making processes.

🌿 Lifestyle: Immerse yourself in engaging lifestyle content that resonates with your interests. Explore realms of fashion, food, travel, and more, fueling your curiosity and passion.

💊 Health Content: Access a wealth of health-related content, curated to keep you informed about well-being trends, tips, and news. Empower yourself with knowledge that fosters a healthy lifestyle.

🛠️ User-Friendly Interface: SomoyTV app is meticulously designed to offer a user-friendly interface, ensuring a smooth, accessible, and enriching news viewing experience. Customize and prioritize content to suit your preferences, making the app truly yours.

Embrace a rich and diverse news experience with SomoyTV. Download now and step into a world where news meets innovation and relevance! 🚀

Note: Ensure a stable internet connection and be mindful of data consumption during continuous streaming of Live TV.

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Google Play ID: com.somoy.somoywebview

This webpage allows you to download Somoy TV APK file for Android. The most recent version of Somoy TV for Android is 24.04.01. You can safely download and install APK files from our website since we offer original and unmodified versions.

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