24.06.040 Jun 11, 2024
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New in Prom 24.06.040

Thank you for choosing our Prom Shopping add-on!
Lastly updated:
- A message has been added to the cloud recording and the Vidgook screen.
- Implemented the display of the minimum amount and quantity of the order on the product card.
- Added information about downloading files to video.
- Fixed a defect in the “Show all” button on the filter screen.
- Fixed a defect in the call button on the screen to the seller.
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About Prom.ua — інтернет-покупки App

Zastosunok "Prom.ua" is an additional market on the Prom.ua portal, such an online department store, with all the products, discounts and promotions now at your disposal. You can now go shopping simply from the screen of your gadget. We present great products for women, men, children and just anyone who needs them. A dozen items on our website and you’ll immediately say - I’ll take it!

In addition, as on the site, it is easy to make smart purchases, and all products are divided into different categories. With us you can add:
- Clothes are so big - a child’s, a woman’s, a man’s coat with any relish. In the Sports category you will find sneakers and other types of shoes. Suits, cloth, cheap school uniforms, branded women's clothes - everything is available from our sellers. Let's sell promotional clothing for animals!
- Accessories and embellishments are the remaining fashion trends in our store. Our creative sellers are dedicated to demonstrating the miracles created by our own hands.
- Technology and electronics - the lowest price for gadgets for the most wealthy. All electronic accessories can be conveniently purchased with the Prom.ua add-on. We have the lowest prices on popular devices!
- Products for children - a useful child's world online. Our smallest customers can get everything for school and fun - smart toys, school stationery, gifts, art and handicraft kits, children's clothes, cheaper eco-friendly children's clothes and gadgets for little ones. And car seats can be saved for babies while their prices become more expensive.
- Natural materials and tools. Here you will find everything you need for a successful transformation of your home. From us you can buy the finest environmentally friendly materials and all the necessary supplies, equipment and equipment so that the building can be renovated to your satisfaction. And the Furniture category will help you complete the design - all products have a promotional price.

In our addition, cheap goods come together with the greatest variety. Every day we run anonymous promotions - great purchases are now literally at your fingertips. Search for promotional offers from your favorite sellers on your mobile phone screen.

With the mobile app Prom.ua you can:
- Find the best seasonal offers and promotions, for example, women's clothing - the very best cloth - at the lowest prices!
- Manually select the most popular product in categories or through search;
- Find out more information about cheap goods and about the seller;
- Shvidko knows promotional propositions using additional filters;
- Add online goods wholesale to Rozdrib;
- Bring low prices first;
- Easily contact the seller in a way that is convenient for you;
- Koristuvatisya by the advantages of Programs for the Protection of Buyers;
- Choose your products from among the many possible options;
- Control shopping, get lost at home
and many other useful functions...

It is very important for us to know your thoughts about the sweetness of our zastosunka.
We look forward to your kindnesses and concerns. If you want to know how you can make Prom.ua even better and more profitable for you, write to email: [email protected]

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Google Play ID: ua.prom.b2c

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